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picture of beaten biscuits

Hi. I’m Billy, the kid who’s always trying to keep up with my big brother, Joshua. Well, he can’t keep up with me when it comes to getting into trouble—something Ma says I do better than any of her five children. When Pa was around, he always reminded her that I also excel in having fun while I’m getting into mischief, says having fun IS important, too. Oh, how I miss Pa! That’s one place we agreed.

However, not everything I do for fun gets me in trouble. There’s nobody I know who hates chores (including baths) more than I do. So I'm constantly trying to figure out how to have fun there, too--doing my best to get things done and stay out of trouble at the same time.

Now, believe me, we DO have chores! Every one of us has a list except Baby George. All by myself, ever since we got settled in our new place, I have to keep the wood chopped, feed the chickens every day, take care of the horses, carry in water each morning from the well, and wash dishes three times a week besides keeping my room clean. That leaves about an hour on Saturday, maybe two on Sunday afternoons for just relaxing and doing what I want. Otherwise, we’re lucky to squeeze in 20 minutes a day when school’s in session.

You can easily see how we spend more time talking about what we’re gonna do for fun, when we get time, than actually doing it. There’s so many things we love to do that it’s hard to choose. So what do you want to hear about first? Take your pick.


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