Study Guide

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A four-session study guide has been prepared for youth leaders in community groups and/or faith organizations wishing to study Just Following Orders or Mighty Tall Orders. Although this is a Civil War story it touches on many other themes in addition to slavery. Considerable history of the peace movement is included, so that students are encouraged to study this topic as much as the horrific war itself.

The four specific themes are: (1) the relationship between various types of power and change (2) the difficulty in determining when first amendment rights become a barrier to the civil rights of others 3) how stereotyping circumvents conflict resolution from all sides (4) the history and the hope of the peace movement.

This study guide is available upon request to any purchaser. Simply send an email with the subject line "request for study guide." In the body of the e-mail, please provide the code located at the bottom of the "About the Author" page of any version of this story.

Also, please indicate in what capacity or with what organization you hope to use the study guides.